As our nation attempts to understand the continual mass murders occurring in the U.S., Survived by One sheds some light on the psychological aspects of why and how such acts of extreme carnage may occur. However, Survived by One also offers a never-before-told perspective from the mass murderer himself, as he searches for the answers concurrently being asked by the nation and the world.

Learn the gripping story of Odle’s life as an abused child, the life experiences that formed his personality, and his tragic homicidal escalation to mass murder.

The commutation of his death sentence was an epiphany for Odle. Prior to the commutation, he lived in denial, repressing any feelings about his family and his horrible crime. Following the commutation and the removal of the weight of impending execution, he realized he needed to understand why he murdered his family. Survived by One is the result of that journey into the mind of a mass murderer.

Dr. Hanlon reveals:

  • How a mass murderer seeks to understand the psychological issues that led him to commit the heinous act of murdering his entire family two decades earlier
  • How society can learn something from reviewing the factors underlying this horrific crime that may help prevent future cases of extreme domestic violence against parents and children.
  • How a Cub Scout, who played youth baseball and had a paper route, could turn into a mass murderer
  • What really drove Odle to commit such a horrific crime
  • How society might be able to prevent extreme cases of mass murder
  • The role physical and psychological abuse plays in how children develop
  • What it was like for Odle to be sentenced to death, live on Death Row with serial murderer John Wayne Gacy, and then have his sentence commuted to life in prison
  • Why a mass murderer, nearly 20 years after committing an atrocity, sought the counsel of a neuropsychologist
  • How appearances can be deceiving. Odle’s mother was seen as an upstanding pillar of the community and president of the Parent-Teacher Organization, but she was sadistic, abusive, and unloving at home